I want my God back!

I want my God back!

1 Chronicles 13:12”And David was afraid of God that day, and he said, “How can I bring the ark of God home to me?”

After you’ve tasted the goodness of God, never can you be away from it! His love is so: wonderful, incomparable, immeasurable and colossal! David for a short time of three months, allowed God to park in the house of Obed-edom, but the blessings in Obed-edom’s house were vast! The Bible says: “the LORD blessed the household of Obed-edom and all that he had.” Did you notice ‘and all that he had?’

David’s heart started beating fast, he thought of the time of worship, the time of God’s tangible presence in his life, the precious moments of communion with God and wanted them back!  We cannot wander away from Him for long! Are you there?  Nothing is as satisfying as His love!  Finally David takes back the ‘Ark of God’ with Him with honor, praise and glory! Amen.

May be I’m speaking to someone out there today!  Have you wandered and drifted away from God? It’s time you come back to Dad! Let me tell you what happened after our school reopened after holidays: the cook did not turn up, couple of teachers were absent, the helpers in my home vanished and much more – I was running from pillar to post. At the end of the day besides being exhausted and tired, I felt dry without spending much time with God.  More than anything I needed MORE of GOD!  Spending time with God and His Word gives you energy, wisdom and strength to handle all the other affairs of our life!  He is our Reservoir from where we dig out our blessings! He is the Bread of our life!  He is the Living Water!  How dare we replace church with work, how dare we forget God and put Him in the backyard and throw the Bible away  in a dusty shelf – no wonder we feel empty and hollow. Give Him top priority today! I got a call from a young girl who said, ‘I feel far away from God, please pray for me sister’, I comforted and told her that this thought is from the enemy and never to doubt the love of God.  May the love of God fall like dew  on you and comfort you!

We need God and His presence to handle the massive highs and devastating lows we experience in our daily lives! Are you with me? Seek God and live!

I am not talking about a sleepy prayer before waking up and swift reading of few scriptures, I am talking about seeking God in your life!  The meaning of ‘seek’ is pursue, hunt, search for, and strive; you would not do a hard searching for something UNLESS you want it desperately!  The intensity of your search depends upon the urgency of the need! You would not look for your passport frantically unless you have an urgent need to travel, are you listening?  Therefore, only those who passionately need God would seek Him! Period.  Passionate seekers:

•    would not perpetually go late to church, unless there is a valid reason
•    would not neglect church – the House of God
•    would not ignore and postpone reading of the Bible
•    would not abandon prayer and personal relationship with God


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