Before you say ‘YES’

Before you say ‘YES’


Colossians 3:23-24 “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”


Before you say ‘YES’ to anything, also consider the responsibility, hard work, commitment, diligence, persistence and carefulness that has to go with that work.  If you are planning to get married, just don’t only plan your honeymoon, beauty parlor, marriage hall and photographer, most important is to learn to be a good husband and wife.  Event management people cannot teach you to have a successful marriage which comes only through sacrifice and compromise.  Are you listening?  You can throw stones at me for writing this…..go ahead, you are living in a mirage if you don’t know this.


Behind the cute pics of our Abide School and Abide Angel Home, IMG-20170226-WA0029y1486124307698You don’t get to see the acute pain and struggles of running the show.  We need minimum 100 bags (25 Kg) of rice, dhal, tamarind, chilly and a lot more; however, though we do not have regular donars, yet the kitchen keeps functioning.  One particular season, the inflow of funds went dry and as a family while we were discussing, we felt ‘why not just give them everything else free and ask them to bring their tiffin box’; but the Holy Spirit corrected us and asked us to trust Him.  Just around that time, we were enticed with 6 bags of rice which were ration shop rice for cheap rate, but we refused to go the unrighteous way and kept trusting God for our provisions.  The devil pokes his dirty nose at a vulnerable time, but do not lose hope, trust God and in His mighty power.  I also introduced the S4 feeding program promowhich is inviting people to sponsor for one meal on special occasions; well, God has been guiding us by His grace.


While I travel these days, I carry old clothes, shoes, bags, or whatever I feel is useful for our Home children and also rice, dhal and other ingredients.  Friend, we got to shed some of our dignity if we have to shoulder the responsibility given to us by God.  Are you listening?  Many of my friends and relatives ask me, ‘your school children do not look like they are from poor background and some from the slums’, my answer – “we teach them not only to study but also to oil and comb the hair, polish the shoes, keep the uniforms clean, maintain the books and school bags, carry pencil box with necessary items, wash their hands before eating, housekeeping of class rooms and much more.  Excel in whatever you do!


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