Dropped like a hot potato….rejection 3

 1 Peter 2:4”And coming to Him as to a living stone which has been rejected by men, but is choice and precious in the sight of God..”


Hey, before my experience with Jesus and salvation, I thought I need power from God to fight the devils at midnight, that bring bad dreams, that scare me and frighten to kill me but Oh after I met Jesus and started developing an intimate relationship with Him, I understood I need mighty power from God to stand the rejection, dejection and mockery from my own friends and family circle.  Do you know how ignorance feels? I guess that’s the worst pain imaginable. You can take it when the enemy spits on you but not when the person you love looks the other side, gosh the weight is too much!  How does it feel in a group when every other word gets response but your statement is ignored and unheeded?


I vividly remember a day – as though  it happened yesterday – when one of my colleague crossed my cubicle at work, I looked up anxiously for a ‘hi and smile’ but she walked pass  my desk as though I didn’t exist, I was treated like a chair and desk,  but gave a broad smile and a high-five for the person sitting next to my desk.  I sat flummoxed! I could hear giggles and jokes being exchanged all around me but I was totally ignored! Why? Why?  There are lot of people who were with me during that journey of my life reading my devotions today, I guess the pain and agony were for the very purpose for me to become a ‘pen’ in the hands of my God. I could never talk about ‘pain’ if I had not tasted it. Anybody listening?


After being royally ditched and discarded at my work spot and living like a hermit on the fourth floor of the plush multinational bank building, I walked out with a sigh when God called me to join as His full-time servant, least did I know GREATER pain awaits me out there! When I resigned, I was a mother of two children with a great responsibility on my shoulders; however, nobody were ready to accept us.   I enthusiastically jumped and told my pastor, ‘I am good with the youth’ but I was not even given a youth class, local prayer cells ignored us, NONE I repeat NONE acknowledged or accepted us.  Bad phase! But this period in my life, brought me closer and closer to God, I had none but HIM.  Children education, health issues, financial commitments and a lot more other stuff were choking us too.  Do you think I drowned in this sea, never, I came out STRONGER AND BOLDER!


Today, we have multiple projects and we have launched out into the arena of education and started our OWN SCHOOL, free for the poor children and also free SHELTER for the poor too.  (Click HERE to view details of our ministries)



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