Why has the LORD defeated us?

No mango Jelly this…..


1 Samuel 4:3”the elders of Israel said, “Why has the LORD defeated us today before the Philistines?”


Now, I gave a funky title so that you guys open and read it out of curiosity! Period.  This is a serious topic but let me open with a comedy though, this happened a few years back, I went to visit a very close family of ours; however, the lady of that house had to go out on an important work, so I pitched in to cook for the family that day.  She had actually cooked the dhal so I entered the kitchen to make the traditional south Indian ‘sambar’.  My sambar receives raving reports so I very proudly went about making it with super confidence, at the end, the color of the sambar was different, it did not have that goldish look.  The family ate it quietly – no comments though, I left confused.  For a long time, I wondered why didn’t that family give me ‘sabash’ report?  Finally when I was casually talking to that woman one day, she said, ‘I boiled only plain dhal, I did not add anything else’ – I got a shock.  Ah! So, I had actually made the sambar that day without tomatoes! Now everything became clear, I presumed that the dhal was cooked with tomatoes and garlic which I normally do, no wonder the sambar tasted weird!  I pitied the family who quietly ate the sambar mixed rice.


Coming back to our anchor scripture that we are meditating, the elders of Israel wondered “Why has the LORD defeated us today before the Philistines?”, but the truth of the matter is they were responsible for the chaotic situation of Israel!  My conundrum is: why did they not get it, get it, get it……..? The House of God was neglected, Bible was ignored, adultery happened inside the church, offerings were being looted, Leader was casually napping – so can the leaders now deny their lackadaisical role in the deterioration and devastation of the church? NEVER.  Squarely every leader was/is responsible and accountable to God!


  • Why did I lose my job, where is God ask many Christians, my question is, did you tithe, did you read the Word, did you pray….. ?
  • Why did my marriage fail, why did God allow it? ask some Christians, my question is, did you have family prayer?
  • My child is on drugs and alcohol, why did this happen ask Christian parents, my question is, did you teach him the Bible, send him to Sunday class and were you role model for him?


When things go wrong instead of blaming God, why not turn the focus on us and search our hearts for iniquities?


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