New strength

1541778428576Pure gold

 Isaiah 41:1”….let the peoples gain new strength..”

There’s a craze for something ‘new’ today, have you watched food cooked in open air near the stream have million views, swanky, clean kitchen and hitech kitchen tools and utensils are passé! This is crazy, we already have iPhone 8,  cars, refrigerators, washing machines are all getting upgraded with new forms! Phew! Great!  While I worked for a multinational bank about two decades back, plastic cards ( credit cards) were a craze and status symbol but today it is norm and a ‘demonic symbol’ (consuming people through debts). Well, today I am going to talk about ‘new strength’, which helps you when all of  the above fall, fail, vanish and perish!  Give God a mighty hand of praise!  After two decades of resigning my job and entering the vineyard of the Lord as full time servant with nothing but ‘faith’ in my hand, I still stand tall and strong!  All glory to Jesus!


Awe moment!  This morning during our family early morning prayer,  my husband asked my daughter, ‘why do you like your mom so much?’ She immediately replied, ‘because she is so strong and also teaches me to be strong.’ Awwww! This conversation I would cherish in my heart as long as I live, though many people get strengthened through me but being a blessing for your own family is something beautiful.  Though I am very weak physically with some pain or the other somewhere, a person who is emotional as well; yet, this appreciation is ‘pure gold’ for me.  Well, I receive this spiritual strength at His feet!  Anybody listening?  Besides my school duties as a principal, my writing, cooking, preaching, children hostel work, supervision of teachers and other workers, I was able to completely read my Bible twice this year and I am seriously targeting for the third time before this December.  It is midnight 1.30 am, as I type this on my laptop, I am spending the entire night in prayer today, I get my strength here as I sit and read His Word and pray, nothing shakes me though, because I know His love for me is steadfast.


It’s not about how many cars, houses, properties you have, all that is nothing…compared to how much of new faith, more love and more holiness you have gained.  Do you have the strength to stop drinking, smoking, cussing, blaming, murmuring, grumbling, sleeping too much, eating greedily and spending recklessly?  Tell me.  This requires NEW STRENGTH! Come close to Jesus today!


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