Double checkdouble check

Proverbs 2:6”For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.”

Hey friend, there is no excuse for stupidity, are you listening? Many highly intelligent, Computer savvy professionals are penny wise but pound foolish. Do not allow the devil to steal the hard earned money, double check whatever you plan to buy. Recently we went to purchase power glasses for my husband, after spending more than an hour of testing, selection of spectacle lens and frame, when it was time to give cash, the sales man said, ‘you have to purchase 2 spectacles, because when you buy one you get one free.’ What? This sales gimmick has started everywhere, caveat! This was ridiculous and hilarious because he was charging us double, the amount was far more than what we had planned; however, we left that place to DOUBLE CHECK. We went to another good optical shop and verified, they were ready to offer us single spectacle for normal, good rate, since we DOUBLE CHECKED, we escaped from that ‘free offer’ crazy scheme. If someone wants to buy two pairs then let them go ahead, but wooing and manipulating the customers with ‘one pair free’ slogans got to be double checked! Nobody wants to give you anything FREE by the way, be wise and cautious!

Before sending an important email at office, double check, even after you send double check if it has been sent and also check the ‘sent’ folder. While making payments, double check before you click the OK button. Many disastrous consequences could have been avoided if only you had double checked with GOD , anybody listening? God told us to be kind but not stupid, everywhere you go, whatever you do…. double check…..double check…to avoid loss and pain.

Is someone is confusing you on a particular Bible topic, go into the Bible and double check for yourself, do not be naïve and get deceived by false doctrines. If anybody is prophesying, do not immediately get emotional, double check with God, double check the life of the prophet who is giving you the word and then wait patiently for it to come to pass.

Multiple checks would be still greater…………..
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