After the miraculous healing I received from the Lord through the birth of my son Joshua, I started working part-time for the Lord.  In the year 2004, I received a call from the Lord for full time ministry and thus I resigned and joined the mission field of the Lord. After giving up a career spread over a period of two decades, I took to writing because of the space available in my life. It takes courage to break away from a structured atmosphere, nothing but a burning passion for my Lord took me from the glossy corridors of the posh multinational bank, to step into the grimy muddy highways of Chennai and villages of Tamil Nadu; but I have no regrets and I’m  glad I had the courage to do it. Writing has given me a lot of confidence!

We have other ministries also in Hyderabad: SHILOH REVIVAL CHURCH, ABIDE SCHOOL,(Free school run for the poor children) ABIDE ANGEL HOME, AIC Camp (training school for soldiers-in-Christ) and TV ministry.

God bless you,

Bala Samson



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